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A live interview (approx. 15-30 minutes, time can vary).  We will:


a)  TWEET out to our 12,000+ Twitter followers to help your promotion along! 

b)  Give you a copy to host on your site or share.

c)  Host on website for a year, click here.

d)  Create a landing page for a year, click here for a sample landing page

e)  Create a slide presentation alongside of the audio video and

f)  Hosted on our YouTube Channel


*g) Be found on Apple Podcasts

Amazon MusicAudible; Castbox;

iHeartRadioGoogle Podcasts; Pandora

Pocket CastsSpotifyRadioPublicStitcher; and more!

GAB TALKS is on 30+ platforms now.

*h) Additional ad creative that features you

and the podcast promoted on a major service

Starting at only $599. 


1. Pay for podcast.

2. We prepare you with items (add a few of your own questions if you want).

3. We assign a date to conduct the live interview.

4. We send a copy for your approval.

5. We host and promote your podcast! 

Sign up today, open more doors, and sell more books!

*ADD 30+ streaming services package & magazine coverage for a total of $999.

(includes over 30 additional streaming services (less than $20 per service)

& social media promotion)

Magazine coverage (see RHP)

**ADD a Super Promotional Package for a total of $1599.

(includes additional streaming services and social media,

creation of a Full Page eBlast, email marketing and additional ad creative)

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PLUS, we make a

Podcast Slideshow Video for you

(on Spotify & our YouTube channel)

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YOUR CHOICE: with no author video, just PHOTO slideshow (actual result: OVER 400 listens in first two weeks) OR

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with author video and slideshow (actual result: OVER 1100+ listens in first month)

NYC Big Book Award AND

Independent Press Award Podcast Page

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Personalized Landing Page on our site

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