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Independent Press Award Contest - Mailed Submission - Check Payment

Promote Your Work as Award-Winning:

As a Winner or Distinguished Favorite you will have the right to highlight your award in your book proposal and marketing material and showcase your award certificate. Winner and Distinguished Favorite seals will be available for purchase.


Please mail in one copy of your book in each category up to four books (even if you are entering more than four categories) and mail them together with your printed entry form. Please fill out a separate entry form for each book and send in a book for each category.

If you are entering the same book in several categories, please use ONE form for each category and pay the entry fee times the number of categories entered. 

 $125 for the first category/book, then $75 for each additional category. 

Now requesting the next round of book submissions by August 30, 2024.  Winners and finalists will be announced early spring, plenty of time for the American Library Association's Annual Show. 

Please fill out an entry form for each title entered, print out and include the completed form with your submission.

ENTRY FORM: Click to download

Please mail your check (made out to Independent Press Award), copies of your book (one for each category), and form to:  

Independent Press Award

63 Clinton Road

Glen Ridge, NJ  07028

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