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Shadow of a Gypsy

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Shelly Frome, author of Shadow of the Gypsy.

A member of Mystery Writers of America. Shelly has had an illustrious career. He speaks about his book "Shadow of a Gypsy," and shares insight into his writing craft.

Rebel Correspondent

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Steve Procko, author of Rebel Correspondent

Rebel Correspondent brings us Arba F. Shaw’s complete, original account and enhances it with meticulous research, uncovering the backstories of many of his Rebel comrades and offering historical perspective on places and events Shaw described so richly.

Prelude to War, Thumar Saga 3

GAB TALKS with M. Timothy Murray, author of the Thumar Saga

Gabby Olczak, President of the Independent Press Award, speaks with M. Timothy Murray about Prelude to War, Thumar Saga 3, and his writings as well as upcoming projects.

Schooling For Holistic Equity: How To Manage the Hidden Curriculum for K-12

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Don Berg, author of Schooling For Holistic Equity: How To Manage the Hidden Curriculum for K-12

There is no question that the American education system is in crisis. There is a significant risk that the mainstream school system will cheat children out of some – if not all – of the education they deserve because a pervasive, hidden curriculum utterly fails to support the well-being of students and educators.

Nurse Florence® Educational Series

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Michael Dow, RN, MS, MHA, MSM

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Michael Dow, RN, MS, MHA, MSM, author of the Nurse Florence® Educational Series to learn about his making of accessible educational medical books for kids.

PABLO: The Plate Painter of Mazatlan

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Craig Morgan Porter Rollins

Pablo is a little boy that loves to draw and paint and his mother introduces him to a painter that teaches young Pablo how to become a great painter. The story starts in his village and follows Pablo to the Carnival and beyond.

No One Cheers for Goliath: My Leadership Story

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Timothy J Brown PH.D.

No One Cheers for Goliath chronicles the obstacles overcome and the leadership lessons learned by Timothy J. Brown from his journey as a first generation African American college student to academic dean.

How My Brain Works A Guide to Understanding It Better and Keeping It Healthy

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin

Ever found yourself making "stupid mistakes"? Maybe searching for the right word or feeling just slower than in the past?

You think 'there's something wrong', are you "going crazy?" Relax! You're not going crazy, and this book is just for you.

Nurse Florence, I'm Having Trouble Sleeping

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Michael Dow

The Nurse Florence® book series provides quality medical information for children.
Dow says by introducing young kids to correct terminology and science concepts, we can increase our children’s health literacy level and even prepare them for courses and jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

The Attractiveness of Wisdom

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Judy Kelly

presents at conferences, libraries, and meetings. She teaches fiction writing at Montgomery College, and Frederick Community College. Judy is an adjunct professor at Montgomery College teaching speech, college reading and English. She enjoys walking, live theatre, and museums.

Reflections on Ineffable Love: from loss through grief to joy

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Cheryl Lafferty Eckl

Cheryl Lafferty Eckl is an award-winning author of 15 books. As a mystical writer and storyteller, she brings her unique talent to genres as diverse as memoir, personal growth, death & dying, inspirational poetry and spiritual romance novels.

Nutshell (The Brainbow Chronicles)

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with John Albedo

Physician turned writer, Alan B. Hollingsworth, also known as John Albedo, talks about his writing career, several books and anticipation of his option for a television series and film. Click on the blue bar below to see bonus questions and answers posted in addition to the video interview.

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5/18: Alan Sidransky;    5/25: Lee Woodman;     6/1: BSC

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