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Next up: A Path to Excellence by Tony Jeton Selimi; Love and Murder: The Last Day of Vincent Van Gogh with Dr. Irv Arenberg; Living While Human by Arwinder Kaur


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Valter of Salt Lake City

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Elaine Bapis

Bapis shares her five plus years collaboration with Valter on this beautifully illustrated coffee-table book, wonderful historical context prose, and includes over 50 recipes.

Emerging From the Dark...The Untold Stories

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Terence Ang

Ang highlights post-stroke life in an interesting, unique, and powerful way. A stroke survivor himself, Ang, shares his courageous spirit, grit, and determination to build a life…
What can you gain after losing so much?

MEN-IN-THE-MIDDLE: Conversations to Gain Momentum with Gender Equity's Silent Majority

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Kori Reed

Reed interviews corporate America's men about gender equity in the workplace & invites men and women to cultivate conversations to move gender equity forward in a new inclusive way.

Nine Days

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Judy Lannon

Based on a true story, Judy Lannon recreates a fictional account of a daughter spending time with her mother during the last nine days of her life.

A Path to Excellence

NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Tony Jeton Selimi

Inside, you’ll join #1 bestselling, award-winning author, Tony Jeton Selimi,, as he reveals a proven path to achieving the highest levels of personal and professional excellence.

A Long Time Dead

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with T.L. Bequette, author of A Long Time Dead

T.L. Bequette is a criminal defense attorney in Oakland, California. Most of his practice involves defending those accused of murder. He holds degrees from The University of the Pacific and Georgetown Law School and serves annually on faculty of the Stanford Law School Trial Advocacy Clinic.


Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Todd Wade, author of Cybercrime, publisher BCS

Improve and protect yourself from cybercrime. Todd Wade is a Chief Information Security Officer with 20+ years experience in cyber risk management and technical operational leadership.

The Girl in the Water

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Joseph Howse, author of The Girl in the Water

The story of a multiethnic group of young friends, coming of age in Estonia and Ukraine in the last days of the Soviet Union. Their lives are shaped by an Afghan war, the Chernobyl disaster, and the collapse and legacy of a suffocating society.


Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Lee Woodman, author of ARTSCAPES

Impacting the world of art and literary arts for over 45 years with an accomplished career, Lee is a poet and arts lover. Known as the SCAPES poet, her collections open up different kinds of “landscapes,” of the mind, heart, and senses. Topics include the human condition—longing and love, dreams and secrets, notions of home.

Incident at San Miguel

GAB TALKS with Alan Sidransky, author of Incident at San Miguel

Shadow of a Gypsy

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Shelly Frome, author of Shadow of the Gypsy.

A member of Mystery Writers of America. Shelly has had an illustrious career. He speaks about his book "Shadow of a Gypsy," and shares insight into his writing craft.

Rebel Correspondent

Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Steve Procko, author of Rebel Correspondent

Rebel Correspondent brings us Arba F. Shaw’s complete, original account and enhances it with meticulous research, uncovering the backstories of many of his Rebel comrades and offering historical perspective on places and events Shaw described so richly.

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