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NYC Big Book Award: The GAB TALKS Podcast:
Donna E. Lane discusses "This Hallowed Ground" with Gabby Olczak, President of the Independent Press Award - Live Interview.

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GAB TALKS with Donna E. Lane, author of This Hallowed Ground
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This Hallowed Ground

How much can war steal from one man?

Georgia, 1861. As the tides of war sweep south, Aidan MacAlister is drawn north like water up a reed by the inexorable pull to defend his land. After tragedy strikes at Gettysburg, Aidan spirals into unfamiliar, dark places of unbridled fury, earning him the nickname, the Fourth Horseman.

A hero to his fellow soldiers, Aidan’s self-loathing consumes him, and every lesson his family taught him crumbles to dust beneath its weight. Aidan returns to the farm to find it ravaged by Yankee patrols. War has taken all—perhaps even his soul.

Aidan’s one chance at redemption sends him West to fight the Native people who, like him, are defending their land. His sympathies lie with the people. His lieutenant demands he kill them all. But Aidan’s encounter with the Lakota begins his transformational passage to a different life.

When love offers Aidan renewed hope, will his past thunder across the plains and steal everything from him again?

Dances with Wolves meets the story of Job in this gripping historical epic of tragedy, loss, and redemption.

“This Hallowed Ground is one of those remarkable and rare treasures…a stunning and epic page-turner…an incredible story of love, grief, extreme trauma, and soul-stirring redemption. If this book doesn’t move you to tears, I’m not sure what will, for Lane reached down into her soul and pulled out the words and feelings…of the crushing agony of post-traumatic depression, plus the breathtaking details of not only the horrors of the battlefield but the unbelievable will that the human body has to keep living. This book will leave you enraptured with plenty of moments of pause to consider not only how Lane wove such beautiful passages, but it also causes you to reflect on your own life. This is what great historical fiction with a clear literary halo does for the reader, and when that happens, a book stays with you for days, weeks, perhaps forever after.”       

--Review from the Historical Fiction Company

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This Hallowed Ground

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Donna E. Lane

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