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Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Todd Wade, author of Cybercrime, publisher BCS

The GAB TALKS PodcastCybercrime by Todd Wade
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Cybercrime is a sad, ever-developing reality of our digital lives. Cybercriminals are ruthless and know how to use persuasion and manipulation to get what they want. We are all in danger of falling victim to their tricks, which can lead to serious consequences for our business, our family and ourselves. This book aims to prepare you to defend yourself against the tactics cybercriminals use, and gives you advice on what you can do if you, or your business, does fall victim to cybercrime. With a focus on cyber fraud and cyber extortion, this book explores cybercrime from attack methods to impact, with the use of real-world case studies alongside practical suggestions on preventative measures, warning signs of cybercrime and next steps if you find yourself a victim.

About the Author
Todd Wade is a chief information security officer. He has over 20 years of experience working with cybersecurity and technology. He has led the information security departments for multiple financial services and technology organisations. He is passionate about championing cyber risk governance and empowering organisations to protect themselves against cybercriminals. He is a graduate EMBA from the Trium Global program (an alliance of HEC Paris, NYU Stern School of Business and London School of Economics) and holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He has worked with leading information security organisations like the Information Security Forum and Chartered Institute of Information Security. He is also an advisor to several cybersecurity start-ups including Cyber Risk Management Group and Scapien.

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Cybercrime by Todd Wade
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