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Independent Press Award: GAB TALKS with Carlo Pietro Sanfilippo

The GAB TALKS PodcastAfterLIFE, Waking Up from My American Dream by Carlo Pietro Sanfilippo
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CHANGE is possible.

Feel something is missing? Want to take your life in a different direction? Need a little inspiration to help you along?

No matter what kind of life you are trying to create, AfterLIFE: Waking Up from My American Dream tells a real-life story about stepping into your true self. It empowers you to live with purpose and to know that change is possible. With introspection and honesty, AfterLIFE tells a story of transformation in a way that gives you a sense that this is your journey.

Carlo Sanfilippo spent many years living what he thought was the American Dream. A prescribed path of college, marriage, kids, a house, and all of the things he was supposed to have and do. But missing was a life where he felt authentic, fulfilled, and in control. It took a series of devastating losses for Carlo to realize that he was living a half-life. In the aftermath of those events, he discovered a path that would set him on a journey of jumping off the hamster wheel, and creating a life filled with discovery, mental release, spiritual delight, and new mastery.

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AfterLIFE, Waking Up from My American Dream by Carlo Pietro Sanfilippo
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AfterLIFE, Waking Up from My American Dream


Carlo Pietro Sanfilippo

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Carlo Pietro Sanfilippo

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