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NYC Big Book Award: GAB TALKS with Tony Jeton Selimi

The GAB TALKS PodcastA Path to Excellence by Tony Jeton Selimi
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Inside, you’ll join #1 bestselling, award-winning author, Tony Jeton Selimi,, as he reveals a proven path to achieving the highest levels of personal and professional excellence.

"An indispensable treasure for those carving a path in the academic space, leading businesses, or reforming the field of human development." - The Hon Richard Evans, CEO ACE Modular Construction

"A riveting expose on the transformative science of mindset evolution that sets you on the journey to excellence." - Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Teacher, a star from The Secret.

Discover the master key to your destiny and harness your innate potential with the definitive map to self-actualization, "A Path to Excellence.”

Do you yearn to break free from the shackles of average living? Are you seeking to awaken the go-getter within you? Ready to let go of self-imposed limitations and stride toward a life of prosperity, accomplishment, and fulfillment that you were meant to lead?

Say yes and allow "A Path to Excellence" to be your key that unlocks the doors of your infinite potential.

This meticulously researched masterpiece, brimming with pioneering authentic advice and game-changing strategies, wisdom and revolutionary strategies, leads you on an incredible sojourn to actualize your latent potential, crystallize your vision, and dare to turn your dreams into reality. Delving deep into this enlightening map for self-mastery calls upon you to dare to dream and achieve.

Follow in the footsteps of Tony Jeton Selimi, #1 bestselling, award-winning author, as he unfolds a proven blueprint to achieving supreme levels of personal and professional excellence. From the despair of being homeless and destitute in the aftermath of a civil war, Tony's journey is a testament to resilience and self-belief – a phoenix rising from the ashes, he ascended from a life marred by insurmountable pain and political unrest to achieving millionaire status and global recognition for his unparalleled expertise on human behaviour and maximizing business and human potential, power and purpose.

Anchored in his profound and trailblazing 'The Octagon of Excellence Method®', this book distils Selimi's wisdom gained over three decades into a digestible and practical blueprint that challenges you to transcend your limits and seize control of your destiny.

Inside its pages, awaits the revelation of:

• The Eight Crucial Elements of Human Excellence

• Revolutionary Techniques to Surmount Your Perceived Limitations and Face Your Doubts, Excuses, and Fears Head-On

• A Step-by-Step Path To Confront Challenges Mindfully, Triumph Over Distractions, and Hone Your Focus

• Decisive Actions to Liberate from the Internal Challenges Thwarting Your Progress Towards Your Full Potential

"A Path to Excellence" is the guide for anyone poised on the brink of ushering extraordinary transformations across their personal, professional, and entrepreneurial landscape.

Can you hear destiny knocking? Answer the call, seize this book and allow it to guide you towards activating your latent spark of excellence. Time waits for no one, and the path to excellence beckons – are you ready to embark on this remarkable journey?

"A Path to Excellence" is a treasure trove for anyone poised to create a vibrant, meaningful, and rewarding existence across personal, professional, and commercial spheres. Embrace this transformative guide, and let it be your lighthouse illuminating your veritable vision of excellence.

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A Path to Excellence by Tony Jeton Selimi
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A Path to Excellence


Tony Jeton Selimi

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Tony Jeton Selimi

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