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Winners AND Distinguished Favorites

We want you to promote your book, so we will help set up a FREE​ Press Release with hotlinks (or feel free to use the SAMPLE one below).  That's right, no charge for that service.  IF you want to include a Customized Award Banner with your book cover, order below for $49.99

Want us to send out to your list on behalf of the Independent Press Award? No charge! Just send us your list in a email, word, excel, or .csv file (one email per line please). It will be set up and sent out by our president.  Better yet, you need to resend four or six months later since you are doing a new event?, no problem, same deal.  Send us who you want to receive the PR, and we do it for NO CHARGE.

Don't have a list, or have no time to send to 100-300 news organizations?  Use our press release service.  A more in-depth press release with up to 5 images will be picked up by hundreds of news sources in its entirety (we'll provide a distribution report) as well as stored in hundreds of databases that can be accessed by journalists). See details here: 

Get a Independent Press Award banner and take your book to a higher level.  This high quality asset will provide instant credibility and let others know --- in an instant --- your book’s design quality and editorial excellence.  We insert your book in our AD FORMAT for $49.99 - perfect for promoting on your website, social media, and even your email.  Also, you can purchase additional tweets, five tweets for $30 more or 10 tweets for $50 more to extend your promotion for your award-winning book! We will TWEET out all Custom AD Banners to our 12,000+ X (twitter) followers to help your promotion along!   Buy one today and sell more books!

1. Pay via PalPal button and chose if you want us to tweet multiple times on our @GabbyBookAwards

2. Enter the Name of the Book 

3. Click Buy Now button


EMail and mail $49.99 payment to

NYC Big Book Award

Attn: Art Dept. - Ad Banner 

63 Clinton Rd.

Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

If you want additional tweets at any time, just click on

"I need 5 more tweets" (add $30) or 

"I need 10 more tweets" (add $50)

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To advertise in the 2024 Independent Press Award Annoucement issue, visit

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