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So, you have decided that you want to help an author and write a book review.


We have listed a number of frequently asked questions below.


Agents, bloggers, booksellers, librarians, publishers and other industry influencers are welcome to apply! 


Complete form below to be considered and receive updates on what books are available to you.

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Printed Word Reviews


Frequently Asked Questions


No purchase required.  You will receive a free book in exchange for an honest review.


For your first review, we will provide the book free of charge.  After your first review is accepted, you will qualify for paid book reviews.


Does it have to be a positive review in order for me to qualified as paid reviewer?

Your review can be good OR bad, or somewhere in between.  Regardless, we just want an honest critique of the book.


Can I just provide a summary of the book?

Although we ask you provide a short summary of the book, we are looking for honest feedback on characters, plot, style, strengths and weaknesses of the book to be included in the review.


Is there a time limit on how long I have to complete the book and the review?

Unless stated, we ask for a reasonable time frame, which ranges from two to three weeks from the time of receipt of the book.  For some books that have do not have a timeframe, we will accept up to two months (eight weeks).


Who owns the review?  

We own the review as we are providing a work-for-hire.  We post the review and can edit for our format, but allow you to post the review wherever you'd like as long as you ask permission and it is credited as "Your Name for Printed Word Reviews"


How do I get paid?

We can send you money through PayPal within 10 days upon acceptance of the review; or if you prefer, a check every quarter.


How much do I get paid?

Currently, a $5 to $60 per review.  You can do this in your spare time, from home or a remote location (beach anyone?), and this is not a 'get rich' scheme, but we do request that you honor the timetable we provide for those books that require it.

Is there any limit to how many reviews I can do?

We assign one book at a time, but you can request another book as soon as your review is accepted.  You can review as many books as you like for as long as you'd like.


Do I have to read the whole book?

We want people that truly like to read books.  If you don't want to read the book, please don't request for review.


What do I need to do this?

You will do well if you have strong writing and communication abilities; detail oriented; and to be self-motivated and reliable.


What happens if I copy someone else's review and submit?

Under no circumstance we accept plagiarism, and will terminate your status a book reviewer and ability to get books.


What are the benefits?

Flexible hours

Up to $60 per review

Work from anywhere

Do what you love to do: read!

Get a free book!

How to apply:

Complete the form below,, and you will be directed to a page to request books for review!

YES, please consider me a candidate for reviewing books, and updated on available titles. In exchange for a critical review to be published on our site, I will receive a copy of the book.  In many cases, an honoraria payment will be given. 

A link to currently available books will be provided to reviewers to choose within a specified number of days. 


Books change all the time, so will new opportunities.

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