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Want to help an author and write a book review?

Reviews and awards create a significant amount of attention to an author's book.

So, we are looking for reviewers to write 175 (short form) or 400 (long form) word reviews.


Agents, bloggers, booksellers, librarians, publishers and other industry influencers are welcome to apply!  Complete form below to be considered and receive updates on what books are available to you.  Have more questions, see our FAQ page here,

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YES, please consider me a candidate for reviewing books, and updated on available titles. In exchange for a critical review to be published on our sites, I will receive a copy of the book.  In many cases, an honoraria payment will be given.

A link to currently available books will be provided to reviewers to choose within a specified number of days. 


Books change all the time, so will new opportunities.

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