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Order Your DIGITAL or Self Adhesive Book Seals


Winners AND Distinguished Favorites

CONGRATULATIONS!, You have been awarded, and now's it's time to display the badge of honor that will drive book sales.


Order quality NYC Big Book Award (fall announcement) (or Independent Press Award (spring announcement)) seals for the front of your book. Seals give testimony to your book’s design quality and editorial excellence, and downright impressive!

You should get some because once you’re a winner, you’re always a winner. So don’t overlook a great opportunity to buy seals for past award-winning titles too. They’re a marketing-must for book signings, trade shows, and instant street credibility with book buyers, booksellers, and librarians.

1. Pay via PalPal button (arrow on right gives five options: 60; 150; 300; 500 or 1000 seals, click one to order), and enter the Name of the Book, (and if you know seal type, otherwise leave blank) OR

2. Pay by check, then complete "Order Book Seals" form below and mail to NYC Big Book Award, 63 Clinton Rd., Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Order PHYSICAL Self-adhesive

Book Seals here:

Order DIGITAL Book Seals here:

  *LOW Resolution for website/digital use

  *HIGH Resolution for printing/physical image use

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