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Independent Press Award: THE GAB TALKS Podcast:
James A. Ross discusses his writing and Coldwater series with Gabby Olczak, President of the Independent Press Award - Live Interview.

Coldwater Revenge

Bad things happen when a bioresearch company accepts anonymous shipments of vials, powders and Petri-dishes in exchange for quick cash. Trouble begins when a poxed corpse floats to the top of a nearby lake and an autopsy reveals it to be riddled with deadly toxin.

Coldwater Revenge starts in a small upstate New York town with a centuries-long tradition of 'live and let live' smuggling across the lake it shares with French Quebec. 


When the dead body appears, two brother detectives investigate. In an attempt to solve the murder, history and geography dictate to examine friends, lovers and even family.


The brothers face difficult moral choices, especially when one begins to suspect the other... and the catalyst is an ex-girlfriend they have in common.

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Coldwater Confession


Coldwater Revenge

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James A. Ross

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