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You have poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your first book or perhaps your second, third, or fourth. Whether you’re a novice or veteran author, the days following your book’s publish date are critical. Books awards are one of the most cost effective and efficient means to garner attention for independent authors and publishers.


As an award winning author, you can secure a coveted position and have an edge on the competition. Participation in book award programs can elevate your status as an author, increase the visibility of your titles, and lend validity to your work. Winning a place in a book competition creates interest and lends preference over other titles without an award sticker.

How hard is it to have an award winning book and what steps do you take after you win?


How to compete for a Book Award:

  • Participate in multiple book award competitions.

  • Evaluate which category describes your book best.

  • Enter your book in multiple categories to improve your chance to win.

  • Don’t give up! If your title didn’t win the first time, compete again the following year.

If you are luck enough to win, congratulations! You’re officially a Book Award Winner forever!  Now you need to maximize your exposure and take advantage of your award winner status.  Here’s how:

  • Order/purchase award seals to affix to the cover of your books

  • Announce you’re an award winner via social media, your website, email, and blogs.

  • Create a press release and submit to the industry publications, websites, bookstores, and consumers.

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