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Independent Press Award: THE GAB TALKS Podcast:
Eugene Mirabelli - Uncut Live Interview

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Eugene (Gene) Mirabelli (b. 1931).  Writing for almost sixty years, Gene has enjoyed writing novels, short stories, journalism and reviews.  A teacher for 30+ years, he taught literature and writing at a university. His current novel is Renato After Alba, published by McPherson & Co.

Eugene Mirabelli’s last six novels, each one a stand-alone fiction, compose a mosaic which becomes visible only when all the pieces are together. The fourth of these works, The Goddess in Love with a Horse, is a series of cascading tales stretching from the 19th century in Sicily into the 20th century in Boston. It provides a genealogy of the extended Cavallù family, those men and women who were “known for being handsome, quick-witted and rash” and who fill the pages of Mirabelli’s other works. Mirabelli’s first novel was published in 1959, some five decades ago; his most recent works, Renato, the Painter, and Renato After Alba, are an extension and enlargement in style and narrative power of what has gone before, novels which mark the re-emergence of a major writer onto the literary scene.

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Renato After Alba: A Novel

Renato After Alba Hardcover by Eugene Mirabelli – November 4, 2016

Renato, the Painter: An Account of His Youth & His 70th Year in His Own Words

Renato, the Painter An Account of His Youth & His 70th Year in His Own Words
Ready to buy your copy?
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