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Eugene Mirabelli, an already accomplished and successful author, decided to cut through the clutter by being interviewed by the Independent Press Award, and promoting to IPA's list of librarians, booksellers, and book enthusiasts.  Although multiple titles and the overall publishing program is promoted here, Renato After Alba and the author Eugene Mirabelli that is published by McPherson & Co., is the focus.

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Dedicated eBlast

Offering a FREE Subscription of FOREWORD REVIEWS to Booksellers and Librarians, and a great value (under $30) to those in the industry.

Free Subscription to FOREWORD REVIEWS

Advanced Praise: "Leading People Safely"

Full Takeover, PREMIUM Spot Focuses on Lead Title, Box 1 Previously Published Title; Box 2 About the Author; Box 3 Plug for New Title; Box 4 DVD Order

Over 2000 exposures and almost 300 click thrus

Foreword Reviews: Free Offer

Dedicated eBlast: Subscription drive for Foreword Reviews Magazine.

1700 views, 200+ clicks

Babywise 25th Anniversary

TOP Box:  Dominating the Monthly eLetter, Babywise 25th Anniversary was an effective way to get the attention of 20,000 librarians and booksellers.  Other titles featured from 4 other publishers also showcased.

Premium TOP Placement

Monthly eLetter

Featuring 4 separate titles from 3 different publishers.  Affordable rates for good coverage.

Over 2000 opens, great click thru

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