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Eugene Mirabelli, an already accomplished and successful author, decided to cut through the clutter by being interviewed by the Independent Press Award for his book Renato After Alba and promoting to IPA's list of librarians, booksellers, and book enthusiasts. 

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Offering a FREE Subscription of FOREWORD REVIEWS to Booksellers and Librarians, and a great value (under $30) to those in the industry.

Free Subscription to FOREWORD REVIEWS

Advanced Praise: "Leading People Safely"

Full Takeover, PREMIUM Spot Focuses on Lead Title, Box 1 Previously Published Title; Box 2 About the Author; Box 3 Plug for New Title; Box 4 DVD Order

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Dedicated eBlast: Subscription drive for Foreword Reviews Magazine.

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Babywise 25th Anniversary

TOP Box:  Dominating the Monthly eLetter, Babywise 25th Anniversary was an effective way to get the attention of 20,000 librarians and booksellers.  Other titles featured from 4 other publishers also showcased.

Premium TOP Placement

Monthly eLetter

Featuring 4 separate titles from 3 different publishers.  Affordable rates for good coverage.

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Promotional Packages for Winners & Distinguished Favorites

Congratulations!  You have taken the next step in getting your book into the hands of readers.  Make sure you are providing a reason to purchase, promote a review or award, a set dollar discount, or first 10 respondents receive a signed copy.  Include a ‘call to action’, such as ‘Buy Now’.


Now is the time to capitalize, and promote:


OPTION ONE - Special Rate of $995  


a)  TWO  eLetter ads in our product spotlight to approximately 10,000

librarians and book buyers.  Your book cover, up to 50 words and URL link.


b)  One eBlast to approximately 10,000 librarians and book buyers.


c)  One Tweet to our 11,000+ Twitter Followers. (

d)  One Post to our 4,000+ LinkedIn Followers including Key Editors, Agents, Librarians,

Booksellers, Authors, Distributors, etc.  A glimpse into some of our powerful and

influential connections. (

OPTION TWO - Special Rate of $1395 (Double eBlast- 10,000 additional emails for $300 add.)

a)  OPTION ONE Package plus,

b)  Double the reach of the eBlast list to 20,000 librarians and book buyers.


c)  Receive two additional Tweets to our Twitter Followers.

OPTION THREE - Special Rate of $2495 (get 15,000 additional emails + Interview + Social)


a)  OPTION ONE Package plus


b)  More than double the reach of initial eBlast list to 25,000 librarians and book buyers


c)  One podcast interview,


d)  Podcast includes a dedicated landing page on

Author Photo, Bio.


e)  Sell your book on the dedicated landing page.

f)   Eight additional tweets (Ten Tweets in total) to our Twitter Followers.


g)  Additional Post (Two Posts in total) on LinkedIn.

See more promotional samples items on this webpage

Please contact or to reserve.

eLetter (Box Ad $249 Value)   eBlast (Value $995 to $2500)  Interview eBlast ($995 Value)

Dedicated Landing Page ($240 value)




















Please contact, 718.938.4590 or 973.969.1899

Please contact Ted:, 718.938.4590 or 


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