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Independent Press Award 

2024 winner

Private Practice Solution: Reclaiming Physician Autonomy and Restoring the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Grace Torres-Hodges

Is the constant battle with bureaucracies and the suffocating grip of third-party interference leaving you drained and unable to deliver the exceptional care your patients deserve?

It's time to break those chains and reclaim your professional autonomy as a physician with unwavering determination. Say goodbye to bureaucratic headaches and create a patient-centric approach that places you firmly in the driver's seat.

Private Practice Solution is not your average book; it's a powerful guide designed to empower physicians like you to seize control of your destiny. This book is your key to unlocking professional freedom and unparalleled success in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.

Dr. Grace Torres-Hodges not only shares her transformative experience, but she also offers priceless insights that go beyond mere instruction. With her expert guidance, you'll be empowered to carve your own unique path to success. By embracing a Direct Care mindset, you will be able to regain absolute control over your practice and provide unmatched patient care.

Don’t waste any more time in a broken system!

Whether you're a seasoned physician or just starting out, this book will equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools you need to :

Develop a direct care mindset that sets the foundation
Create a patient-centered culture that fosters trust and loyalty
Develop a pricing strategy that works for you and your patients
Streamline your business operations to reduce stress and burnout

Your patients - as well as your family - need you!

Reclaim the joy of practicing medicine on your own terms and see your patients thrive in response to your patient-centered approach. Seize the power that is at hand!

As Dr. Grace says, “Don’t change how you practice medicine, change how you interact with the system!”

Private Practice Solution:  Reclaiming Physician Autonomy and Restoring the Doctor-Patient Relationship
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