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Independent Press Award 

2024 winner

Searching for Polaris

Ryan Hartford

Orson, soon to welcome a new baby sister into his family, dashed into the forest scared, feeling replaced. Little did he know, his adventure would take a thrilling turn when he meets a magical bear in the forest. After Orson explained the situation, the bear excitedly suggests, "Why don't you be a bear, like me?" The two chum around the forest being bears. Through their adventures, the bear explains to him the importance of being a great big brother. Orson slowly realized that he didn't want to be a bear, he wanted to be the best big brother possible. However, Orson was deep in the forest. He didn't know how to get home. The bear points to the sky, "Alakazoo!" magically Polaris appears, which Orson could follow and get home. Orson follows Polaris out of the forest to his parents, overflowing with love, welcomed him with open arms. With the twinkle of Polaris still shining in the sky, Orson was ready for his new adventure as a great big brother.

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Searching for Polaris
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