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Independent Press Award 

2024 winner

Stolen Moments / Momentos Robados

Ernesto Atkinson

Stolen Moments is an expression of rich revelations, transformative insights, reflections, and life lessons into color, texture, and form. This collection of work is a visual dialogue between the artist and Creativity; it is an active process of digesting and integrating lived experiences.Each individual work in Stolen Moments contains an independent expression of truth while simultaneously being deeply rooted in the whole of our shared ancestral subconsciousness.

This collection is aptly named, 'Stolen Moments' since it was created in the liminal spaces between sessions at Integration Healing / Alivio Integral, Ernesto Atkinson's Art Therapy private practice in Milwaukee, WI.Through this work, Ernesto explores his own responses to his feelings of captivation around themes that connect us all, such as emotional errors, gossip, the body, boundaries, and death. Part anecdotal, part intuitive, and part symbolic, Stolen Moments is an expression of collected wisdom transmuted through Ernesto Atkinson's unique and highly refined visual language.

Screenshot 2024-05-21 084226.png
Stolen Moments / Momentos Robados
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