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Independent Press Award 

2024 winner


A.M. Adair

A killer is on the loose, one with nothing to lose.

An assassin is killing cartel members with lethal precision. Each crime scene leaves more questions than answers, and no one in law enforcement or the intelligence communities has any leads. Except for one man: Navy SEAL turned CIA operative Julian Saunders. He knows they’re hunting for a ghost. Someone the U.S. government declared dead.

Joined by an elite covert operations team, Julian heads to New Orleans, searching for the only person capable of taking the cartel head-on: Elle Anderson. But as the body count rises and the brutality of the kills becomes more intense, he questions whether the woman they knew still exists or if, by pursuing her, they’re signing their own death warrants.

She wasn’t healed from her wounds, but the restlessness won. The craving for action had become an obsession. Elle looked in the mirror and wondered if she should stop…. The assassin in her said no.


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