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Independent Press Award 

2024 winner

Among the Hunted

Caytlyn Brooke

Caytlyn Brooke takes us on an adventure deep into the realm of Greek mythology. Filled with dark fantasy, brutality, foreboding creatures, and magic, she redefines the nymph stereotype as they rise up and fight against the oppression of the gods.

Kaitaini was once wild and rebellious, more concerned with sneaking off to exotic realms than mastering her magic. But that was before. Before she fell in love. Before she met Hermes. Before she got her best friend killed.

For one hundred years, she shouldered her guilt and became a true nymph warrior for Olean, eager to throw herself into any challenge, hoping death would ease her conscience.

But when she fails to protect her sister from Zeus, she vows to do the impossible: kill an immortal. Now, a new hunt has begun. A dangerous game played not only in the ethereal realm but also on Earth. A game that puts Kait in the crosshairs of one of the most powerful gods in existence. She’ll need to protect those closest to her and battle against enraged gods and creatures if she hopes to survive.

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Among the Hunted
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