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Independent Press Award 

2024 winner

Problem Solver, Maximizing Your Strengths To Make Better Decisions

Cheryl Strauss Einhorn

Our decisions are expressions of who we are and how we move through the world. Rarely, though, do we examine our decisions or even look inward to consider the psychology of our decision-making. Instead, we often make decisions based on what we call instinct (which relies on cognitive bias), false assumptions, mis-remembering, and mental mistakes. Truthfully, we don't see the world as it is; we see it as we are.

We can develop self-knowledge about our decision-making styles. We can wake ourselves up to how biases cloud our judgment and impede good decision-making―and we can counter bias. From there, we can transform our decision-making habits to make better big decisions alone and together. Problem Solver provides you with tools to identify:
• The five basic decision-making approaches, or "Problem Solver Profiles" (PSPs): Adventurer, Detective, Listener, Thinker, and Visionary
• Your dominant―and secondary―PSPs
• Tools to assess other peoples' PSPs
• Each PSP's decision-making strengths, blind spots, and biases
• How your PSP impacts your outlook on life and your risk appetite
• How to use your PSP to maximize your decision strengths

Replete with real-life examples and replicable strategies to apply new decision-making skills for your immediate benefit, Problem Solver will do more than help you look out into a future; it will equip you to move forward, with confidence, into your future.

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Problem Solver, Maximizing Your Strengths To Make Better Decisions
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