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Independent Press Award 

2024 winner

Leadership Mindset 2.0: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Reaching your Full Potential

R. Michael Anderson

A Shortcut To Natural, Effective, and Engaging Leadership That Any Leader Can Use To Improve Their Results Fast

Leadership Mindset 2.0 is the seemingly counterintuitive, yet most effective approach to quickly becoming a top-tier leader.

The kind of leader that is truly confident, strategically effective, and creates highly engaged, skilled, and productive teams in any organization lucky enough to have them.

Better yet, this leadership “system” empowers leaders to do all of this WITHOUT unsustainable, unhealthy, or unethical bully tactics, micromanaging, or 24/7 work schedules.

Yes, this IS possible - and even EASY - when you have Leadership Mindset 2.0.

These are the same tools and techniques that organizations like Uber, Microsoft, Stanford University, and PwC have been hiring Michael to teach their top executives for years.

It's all been simplified everything into an incredibly affordable, focused, and actionable book any aspiring or current leader can pick up and start using in a single sitting.

Here's a snapshot of what's in the book;

The truth about what your team wants and truly needs from you, what they don't, and why what you're doing now is training them to underperform
The huge mistake nearly every leader makes when trying to look authentic and confident, and what the thousands of leaders are doing instead
A critical formula to successfully having difficult conversations with anyone (handy graphic included)
The true definition of "imposter syndrome," why it's massively common and highly driven people, and how you can immediately overcome it - permanently!
The truth about authenticity and vulnerability, and why trying to be like that without learning THIS skill will work against you
How to make yourself "Senior Leader Ready," giving you the natural ability to have strategic conversations and earn the trust of high-level leaders without faking it or feeling out of place
Why everything you know about thinking and acting more strategically is wrong and the ridiculously simple solution you can use immediately
Case studies that prove how this approach works in any leadership role, in any country, in any industry - and with any leader, no matter what your natural disposition
The little-known neuroscience trick that can transform you into a confident, connected, empathetic leader - in literally the speed of thought
Learn the secret hack that top CEOs use to manage their stress and energy and keep themselves at the top of their game
Uncover the number one blind spot that almost every leader has that causes them to self-sabotage, lose confidence and keep themselves stuck - and what you need to overcome it right now.

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Leadership Mindset 2.0: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Reaching your Full Potential
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