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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

UNLIMITED: The Seventeen Proven Laws for Success in a Workplace Not Designed for You

Eugina Jordan

Did you know in 2022, at the top of the country’s biggest public businesses, there was only 15 percent female representation? UNLIMITED is a leadership book written for the underrepresented: women, immigrants, and people of color who want to become corporate leaders by an underrepresented who made it to the C-suite. The book’s foundation is that though the system exists if we unlimit ourselves and find the right mentors and sponsors, we will succeed in a workplace not designed for us. This book includes stories and insights from many underrepresented people who climbed up the corporate ladder, and this book shares their journeys and advice and how they became unlimited. If you are an underrepresented individual who wants to enter the corporate world, is struggling to move forward in your career, or have already reached leadership level, this book gives you the know-how to help you develop your leadership skills, gives you a leg up in reaching executive level, and shows you how to give back and extend the table for you and people like you.

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