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Childrens: Inspirational/Motivational
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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

A Different Kind of Boy-A story about inclusion and making friends

Michael Simones

An introduction for children entering the school-age years on celebrating who they are as an individual and finding others like you in order to make friends--especially when others children are sending negative social messages. A "teachable moment" book for the home, school and after-school programs meant to initiate discussion on inclusion, anti-bullying and friendships.

When Michael starts school, he discovers that he does not enjoy the same things as the other boys, like playing ball. Some of his classmates bully him for being different. Can Michael overcome the bullying and find a friend like him? Michael takes the reader on a journey during his the early school-age years on how he overcame bullying and turned his attention from isolation to making friends.

This book also includes an explanatory note for parents and teachers on the importance of positive social messaging for young children and the life-long impact that it can have.

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