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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

All Battles End at Sunset

Jared Acuña

1562, Florida.

Elizabeth sits on the throne in England. The Inquisition strikes through the heart of Spain. In France, it's Catholic against Protestant, in a time that will forever be known as the French Wars of Religion.

Twelve-year-old orphan boy Marcel finds himself caught up in the action when he joins legendary sea captain Jean Ribault and his crew of French Freedom fighters known as the Huguenots, searching for a haven for the persecuted of Europe. Together, they set sail for Florida — where mysterious Native Timucuans watch from the palm trees, and dragonlike alligators lurk in the swamps — only to be hunted down by the life Marcel and the Huguenots all thought they could escape.

A Hilt & Arrow book — because history should never be boring!

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