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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite


Ali Eke

Before the Great War, battles were fought and won with magic. In
a world where magic courses through the veins of every single
human being, a single mage could take on an army of thousands,
and a single family could conquer an empire. But even magic could
not hold back the tides of science and industry, and modern warfare
was born. Since then, the imperial powers of Russia and Great Britain
have begun amassing weapons of both magic and science in an
arms race against each other. A tenuous peace has remained thanks
to the efforts of Bastion, a global diplomatic organization of mages
dedicated to maintaining order across the world.

It is eighteen-year-old Kibo Kozlov’s dream to join Bastion, just like
his father before him. But some dreams aren’t meant to be, as
Kibo had never been able to control the weave of magic. He had nearly
given up hope, that is until he stumbled upon a bizarre artifact that might
change the course of history—both his and the world's.

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