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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Clarity vs. Chaos: Sun Tzu's Rules for Life and War

Kris Wilder & Lawrence Kane

General Sun Tzu (544 – 496 BC) was one of the most celebrated strategists in all of human history. He recorded his winning precepts in Art of War sometime around 510 BC. It is the earliest surviving and most revered tome of its kind, one that centuries later is still widely referenced by captains of industry, heads of state, military leaders, martial artists, law enforcement professionals, lawmakers, mediators, diplomats, and businesspeople who need a competitive advantage in dealing with conflict.

With methods so powerful they can conquer an adversary’s spirit, you can use Master Tzu’s strategies to overcome any challenge, from warfare to self-defense to business negotiations. This book starts with the classic 1910 translation of Art of War, adds modern and historical insight, and demonstrates how to put the master’s timeless wisdom to use in your everyday life. In this fashion, the Art of War becomes accessible for the modern mind, simultaneously entertaining, enlightening, and practical.

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