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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Tort Wars

Roger N. Messer, J.D.

As suspenseful as a good novel. Fast-paced as a legal thriller. Full of the twists and turns of a well-written work of fiction. The page-turner Tort Wars by Roger Messer is a true-life account of the trials and epic legal battles of one of Florida's most successful trial lawyers.

But this is not a book just for lawyers, although any lawyer worth her or his salt will find it hard to put it down. Anyone interested in what it's really like to receive an unexpected phone call late at night after a long day in court and have to face a sudden legal emergency which requires you to drive across the state to provide urgently needed legal services to desperate clients who have nowhere else to turn should read this book.

--J. Joaquin Fraxedas, author of a NY Times bestseller, The Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabera

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