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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Forever & Always

Cristian Carrington

In the secluded embrace of a vast archipelago, Lono, once a fisherman of unmatched prowess, found his dedication to the sea waning. With Laka, the love of his life, a few months into her pregnancy, his priorities shifted. Every moment away from her felt like an eternity, and the allure of the open waters dimmed in comparison to the joy of impending fatherhood.

However, the tranquil rhythm of their island life was soon disrupted. Three mysterious ships, with no known origin, appeared on the horizon. These newcomers, claiming to have lost their way, brought with them peculiar items and exotic foods as tokens of peace. While the island's folks were instantly enamored by the foreign treats, Lono remained wary.

In need of navigational aid, the strangers seemed harmless enough. But one fateful night, driven by a mix of curiosity and caution, Lono stealthily boarded the main ship. What he witnessed within its dark confines was a sight so chilling, it threatened to shatter the very fabric of his life.

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