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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Emerging From the Dark: Stroke...The Untold Stories

Terence Ang

Emerging From the Dark: Stroke...The Untold Stories is an unusual book on several counts. Its format is full of artistic creation vastly different from a typical book. Splashed on practically every page are unique, diverse illustrations from the author, and the typeface of text varies a number of times, sometimes simply etched out in pen by the author. While some pages have complete narratives, others provide isolated thoughts and “free form” ideas to advance the impact. The subjects are not professional authors, so their comments might appear raw but indeed very real. Even Ang himself sprinkles thoughts and emotions generously throughout the interviews, helping to frame the situations and their accompanying confusion. It’s hard to imagine what the subjects have gone through. Ang’s work truly brings out their fears and frustrations. But it also conveys a sense of purpose to recalibrate lives, be productive, fit in and find inner peace. So many people remain in the dark about this all-too-common medical condition. Ang hopes his work can serve as a powerful tool for emotional recovery and inspiration for readers as well as the book’s fellow contributors. “Through this book,” says Ang, “we hope to make a difference — so people can see that no one needs to be alone in their struggles to navigate everyday life after experiencing a stroke. Strokes impact countless lives, taking cherished ones from us. My mission is to stress readiness for life's challenges and the resilience to surmount them. This book embodies that message, hoping to reach everyone with its key lesson."

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