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Childrens: Inspirational/Motivational
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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Tara the Dolphin

Shreya Pradhan

Embark on an enchanting adventure alongside 'Tara The Dolphin' and witness her incredible journey in teaching the world the significance of the Golden rule! Tara, the magical dolphin with extraordinary healing abilities, guides us to understand the emotions of animals while delivering beautiful and heartfelt messages that resonate deeply.

Moreover, the impact of self-publishing this book is remarkable, having inspired numerous children and teens to explore their creativity and share their own stories. By gifting your child this book (and exploring Shreya's other works), you not only provide them with an inspiring read but also show them the incredible possibilities within their reach. Encourage your child's creativity and ignite their imagination with 'Tara The Dolphin,' a book that signifies the power of storytelling and inspires young minds to dream big and know that publishing their own book is possible!

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