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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Our Environment's Friends

Phil Riggs

Joel and his classmates are learning about protecting the environment from his teacher, Mrs. Stone. His aunt teaches him a valuable lesson about the importance of bees to vegetables and flowers.

He loves to take walks with his grandfather. Unfortunately, they often encounter litter, everywhere they walk. Each time they see litter in the environment, a lively conversation takes place. Sometimes it’s anger about the kind of plastics they find. Often, it’s about how to stop the littering.

Come along on their adventures as we see: a big blue garbage bag cutting off a town’s water supply; man’s best friend suffer when it swallows a pizza takeout bag; a magnificent eagle nearly perish when it gets plastic drink rings trapped around its beak; and a Minkie whale fears it may end up stranded on a beach when it gets tangled up in part of a fishing net. You can even learn how they helped the Puffin and Petrel Patrol rescue young puffin seabirds when they became lost around the town of Witless Bay.

Includes activity pages for children, to express ways they can help improve our environment.

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