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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

BATTLEGROUND GEOSTRESS: How to Recognize and Fight the Silent Killer

Robert Egby

In this action-packed Dowser's Notebook, Robert Egby describes how Geopathic Stress can affect every home on a street.

Egby shows that the enemy, Geopathic Stress, isn't just local, it's happening in High Places around the world. In the White House in Washington, it exists on both side of the Oval Office - the heart of America. It fooled the experts in the Havana Syndrome, brought down half a block of condominiums while people slept; it brought down a major highway ramp being built in New Jersey and daily contributes to auto accidents by causing momentary lapses of consciousness.

Scientists overseas are tackling head on, the problems of Geostress, and using dowsers to assist. Egby describes the crisis as "the War of the Unknowing." Why do many people distrust dowsing? Surprisingly, the answer dates back 1,700 years and a phenomenon he calls the "Theodosian Wall." It curbs people's thinking in the fight against the enemy they do not believe exists. It's a challenge and time for Government and people in High Places to lead the way and bring down the Wall. Because many survivors are asking: "Why didn't somebody tell me?" Welcome to the Battleground. This Book is designed for dowsers and Geopathic Stress fighters (mainly women) - and people in High Places.

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