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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

The Boldly Inclusive Leader: Transform the Workplace (and the World) by Valuing the Differences Within

Minette Norman

To create cultures where diverse teams flourish, we need boldly inclusive leaders. Organizations have made public commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, yet their leaders rarely have the skills to lead inclusively. Leadership consultant and former Silicon Valley executive Minette Norman is committed to changing that by sharing some of the most important things she’s discovered over the decades she spent in the corporate world, such as every human being needs to feel they belong, teams thrive when everyone feels safe enough to share their unique ideas and experiences, innovation is a group activity, empathy and compassion are leadership superpowers, and leaders set the tone by what they say, do, reward, and tolerate. This is not a book about quick fixes or paying lip service to the hot topic of inclusion. This is for leaders who want to boldly transform the workplace and are willing to leave their comfort zones. As a leader, you will learn to maximize your team’s potential and appreciate that inclusive leadership is an ongoing journey. As Minette shows, there is no flipping a switch or a neat, three-step formula. Inclusive leadership takes commitment and practice, but the rewards are enormous.

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