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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

HOLOGLYPHS II - Afterlight

S. K. Yeatts

"There is a haunting silence about these poems, the words on the page fill with deeper and deeper meaning as you read, and give each word the authority of an impassioned whisper in the dark." --Martin Golan, Author of One Night with Lilith and A Note of Consolation for Lucia Jones

S. K. Yeatts holds a B.A. in English Literature from Baylor University in Texas, and formerly served as the Executive Director for a Fortune 50 Company leading UX design teams and software development. He now works full-time on literature and art from his SkyStudios location in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Yeatts' poetic direction aligns with the term 'Hologlyph'. Hologlyph is a neologism, fused from the words 'whole' and 'image', and describes a poetic style centered in imagistic archetypes, aspiring to Ezra Pound's vision of the "Luminous detail". His award-winning literary work has drawn comparisons to T. S. Eliot, Po Chü-I, Robert Bly, James Wright, and Friedrich Hölderlin, as his poetry balances at the intersection of elegance, experimentation, tradition and the unexpected. S. K. Yeatts' initial collection of poetry - "HOLOGLYPHS - Twilight Fields" was published by Kelsay Books.

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