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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

FLEE (NomaD Thriller Series)

Joe Klingler

Claire's scream instantly transformed Damon's nomadic existence. Army snipers do not scream. Not in an ordinary world. But the world hadn't been normal since the first corpse became a 'redhead' statistic.

Now it was Claire's turn...
It was known that victimes lived only 51 days.
It was known that millions had died in prison cells.
It was known that the government was dragging children from their homes.

But the known unknowns beckoned...
Unknown if transmitted by air, contact, flea or mosquito.
Unknown if manmade, mutation of evolution, or alien hitchhiker.
Unknown if neighbor will betray neighbor to collect bounties from Uncle Sam.

And the purveyors of conspiracy...
Social media shouts, "These are the new lepers!"
What might be growing in an unknown lab at an unknown location?!
Elites are suppressing immediate answers in the hope of future profit!

...of course, unknown unknowns lurk in the shadows.

Damon had ridden a motorcycle through a typhoon ravaged jungle. Landed in Washington with money-power at his fingertips. Witnessed a missile attack and landmine explosion. Then...Claire screamed.

Leaving Damon seven weeks and two days to do the impossible via the improbable and reveal the unthinkable.

But standing in Claire's condo, as the echo of her voice fades into the deserted streets of the District of Columbia, he knows they have only one option...

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