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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Get Your Book Seen And Sold: The Essential Book Marketing Guide

Claudine Wolk and Julie Murkette

It is easier than ever to publish a book, but many authors find out too late about the actual work-the book marketing-that needs to be done to achieve sizable book sales. Instead of embracing the opportunities to promote their books, authors are intimidated and shut down. Those days are over. This is the book authors MUST HAVE to give their books the best chance to be seen and sold. In this essential, easy-to-understand guide, authors will work through the graphs, examples and exercises to learn:

The fundamentals of book marketing: Message, Audience, and Hook
The breadth of book marketing options and how they work, with examples
How to create a list of media contacts and develop a pitch that will reach them
How to develop a doable book marketing plan
How to develop media kit items for their book publicity efforts: Press Release, Author Bio, Sell Sheet, etc.
The types of book reviews and how to get them
The best social media channels for promoting books
The best places to spend book promotion dollars
Why book distribution IS a crucial part of book marketing . . . and so much more!

Authors CAN get their books seen and sold!

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