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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Drops of Sunlight

Kristy Lee

Miranda (May) Carlson’s life has fallen apart. In an attempt to piece together its shattered remnants, she is spending her summer in the place she vowed she would never return: the Colorado Rocky Mountains. After her parents ended her idyllic childhood by announcing their divorce when she was fourteen, May abandoned the Rockies and her best friend along with it. Now, at age twenty, she is face-to-face with the place and person she left behind.

Dylan’s childhood in the Rockies was near perfection. Other than the heartbreak he suffered at the hands of his best friend who disappeared after their first kiss, he wouldn’t trade a moment of it. It is almost seven years later when the one responsible for his heartbreak returns, reopening old wounds.

As May and Dylan attempt to navigate their summer reunion, the pain and resentment of their past boils over, forcing them to confront not only each other, but themselves.

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