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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

The Daedalus Protocol

Jeff Sheckter

A deadly pathogen has been unleashed across the globe, killing livestock and destroying crops as it spreads. A near-extinction event from worldwide famine will be certain if it’s not stopped in time.

A mysterious man known only as Daedalus, possessing advanced technology and seemingly unlimited resources, has assembled a crew of notable soldiers and scientists for a mission to stop the coming plague.

Embarking on a perilous archeological odyssey, this elite team, led by SEAL commander Gryphon Oake, delves from the depths of ancient tombs to the heart of the Catholic Church in order to unearth a long-buried treasure required to save the world. Racing against time and a crazed zealot hell-bent on annihilation, they must find the location of the fabled Fountain of Youth to thwart the coming threat.

Unlock the mysteries of this pulse-pounding thriller, as the team deciphers puzzles from the age of the pharaohs and discover the true nature of immortality. To secure our future, they must reach back and uncover the secrets from our past.

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