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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Witnessing Grief: Inviting Trauma and Loss to Our Coaching Conversations, An Enneagram Perspective

Holly Margl

A book for coaches and other helping professionals who face conversations with their clients daily that veer into grief, loss, and trauma, particularly now in this pandemic era.

Sadly, coaches, counselors, and therapists sometimes say unhelpful or harmful things to clients experiencing and suffering from grief. Undoubtedly, most coaches don't choose their field anticipating such weighty topics. Still, here we are in this pandemic era, with anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma being customary topics of coaching conversations.

Witnessing Grief provides coaches and other helping professionals a primer on how to be consciously present to the complexity of their client's experience and disclosure of grief, trauma, and loss. Stressing the significance of self-awareness, deep reflection, and through an Enneagram lens, Witnessing Grief illustrates how to recognize coach bias in service of being a steadfast witness to their client's grief.

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