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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It:
Empower, Elevate, and Enlighten Your Consciousness

Ray Catania

Many years after a near-death experience, a former atheist becomes a spiritual warrior determined to overcome past traumas and discover the true nature of reality. (Winner of 8 Literary Awards to date) You are Still Alive, Now Act Like It, offers an inspiring, non-fictional, account of one man’s unintended journey from atheism to spiritualism and the knowledge he uncovered along the way. Ray Catania’s remarkable 2nd installment of his Awakening Series challenges us to reconsider spirituality, from a scientific perspective, and shows how it can be woven together with practicality and enlightenment.

Readers are taken on a quest to connect science and spirituality, motivated by Catania’s deep desire to understand his own experiences. He presents a rigorous yet healthy skepticism stemming from his atheist past and shares his own formal and informal training and studies.

He takes us on a journey through the four principles of ascension, the laws of attainment, and how to tap into our higher consciousness to manifest desired outcomes. With a deep understanding of consciousness and the mind, Catania explores the components that create internal conflicts within us and shows us how to harmonize with our higher selves and remove self-struggles. He shares his personal experiences offering practical perspectives with sheer honesty, humility, wit, and a bit of sarcasm.

Never before has such a comprehensive and holistic exploration of quantum physics, cosmology, spirituality, and the afterlife been presented so captivatingly. With You are Still Alive, Now Act Like It, Catania presents readers with a map to a spiritual awakening while entertaining them through his unique stories and perspectives.

Please note that the books in the Awakening Series, by Limitless Publications, authored by Ray Catania, are not affiliated with any particular religious belief. They are intended to explore spirituality in a comprehensive and holistic manner. Additionally, be aware that these books contain sensitive and adult subject matter, and readers are advised to review the list of triggers provided before reading.

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