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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Grumpy Lost And Found In Naples

Susan Marie Chapman

Discover the heartwarming story of Grumpy the Iguana, who gets lost and finds himself in Naples, Florida, in this beautifully illustrated children's book. The book follows Grumpy's journey as he tries to find his way back home to Flamingo Park and his friends, the Green Parrot and Mr. Squirrel. Along the way, Grumpy learns about the importance of friendship, courage, and survival in a new and unfamiliar environment. This book is perfect for children aged 4-8 who love adventure and animals.

Heartwarming story of friendship and survival
Beautifully illustrated with colorful and engaging images
Teaches children about courage and resilience
Ideal for children aged 4-8 who love adventure and animals
Features lovable characters that children can relate to

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