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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Sonnets of Love and Joy

Paul Buchheit

Sonnets of Love and Joy, a collection that is a welcome uplift for these...times, when the effort to capture joy and love is too often replaced by angst and a sense of doom.

Here lies respite from the modern crisis that provides existential relief and a sense of well-being. Here, too, is relief from the less seasoned free verse format, returning stricter rules to the poetic effort while demonstrating that it can remain accessible to contemporary audiences.

[E]ach poem contains a grounding in landscape and a heart throb of emotional connection that inspects the various facets and incarnations of love and joy in the world.

Sonnets of Love and Joy’s diverse, spirited life connections reach out to readers to capture and describe moments of harmony, awakening, and interconnectedness with life and nature...the perfect example of how poetry's forms and rules remain relevant to modern living.

—Midwest Book Review

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