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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

The Covenant

B.N. Rundell

From the bestselling author of The Plainsman western series comes an exciting and explosive new series, starting with The Covenant…

It is a time of uncertainty in the infancy of a growing nation. The Wild West is open and beckoning to displaced men and families, many of whom choose to travel to the unsettled frontier, dreaming of new homes, land, and even riches. But few reckon on those who have lived in those lands for centuries—the native peoples. Blackfoot, Crow, Sioux, and more.

Elijah McCain, fresh from the Union army where he attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel with the Mounted Rifles—a cavalry unit under General Sherman—has returned home to find his wife on her deathbed, pleading for her twin sons. She elicits a promise, a covenant, from her husband: “Find our boys, and bring them home.”

So, Eli vows to do just that. Holding her hand as she slips from life, he promises to bring their sons home—no matter what. Even if it’s undoing of dreams, lives, and more.

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