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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Off the Menu

Alaina Erdell

Chef Taylor Mobley's world explodes when reality TV show "Restaurant Redo" announces a last-minute takeover of her fine dining workplace. Erin Rasmussen, the show's fiery fixer, arrives on short notice, ready to shake things up. But Taylor, fiercely independent and frustrated by a lack of control, is no pushover. Sparks fly as their contrasting personalities clash under the glare of the cameras.

Taylor knows her talent but feels stifled by rigid management. Erin, focused on ratings, sees a chef in need of some tough love. Their interactions are a combustible mix of tension and undeniable chemistry, leaving them questioning everything they thought they knew about each other.

With their careers and reputations on the line, can Taylor and Erin navigate the pressure cooker of reality TV and discover something unexpectedly delicious beneath the surface? Their journey might just rewrite the recipe for love, one sizzling scene at a time.

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