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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Business Law Essentials You Always Wanted To Know

Vibrant Publishers, Komal Shah

Business Law Essentials You Always Wanted To Know is a simple yet comprehensive introduction to the laws that impact businesses in the US.

It is not advisable for a business founder or owner to be completely unaware of the implications of the legislation on their business and depend totally upon a lawyer to advise and guide them. Business owners must have a working knowledge of the law in their own country so that they can avoid trouble and adhere to the laws.

Business Law Essentials is a compact but handy guide for learning about business laws in the US. Whether you are a student on the verge of beginning your career, a new business owner, or an employee, this book will provide you with a deep understanding of the legal limits within which an organization should function and how an organization interacts with the regulators for the specific business sector.

Some notable features of this book are:
Coverage of general laws such as contract laws to very specific laws such as securities laws
Coverage of laws that are recently developing, such as laws relating to data protection
Explanation of the rationale behind the laws and features of laws in simple, jargon-free language
Questions at the end of each chapter to test your understanding of the chapter rather than your memory.
Explanations against the backdrop of real-world scenarios and examples

This book will give you a headstart into the field of business law and an ability to know where exactly to look, in the event an in-depth understanding of the laws is required.

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