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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

The Fairytale

Debbie Mancuso

The Fairytale is the true story of a forty-four year old woman named Debbie whose life turned upside down when her father suffered a stroke, forcing her to change careers. When a relationship begins with her new boss, a newlywed, four tumultuous years follow before she leaves his employment. Five years later, she's stunned to receive a letter from him--sent from jail.... They then have to wait another six years before reuniting at the ages of fifty-eight and seventy-two.

The last of the trilogy covering Debbie's forty-nine years of travel to Italy, The Fairytale describes why they decided to marry, their failed plans, and two glorious affairs that bring them to ten destinations throughout Italy and Sicily. The book, peppered with travel tips for the more mature person, describes in detail some of the most unique villages. Debbie also includes memories from a former resident of what it was like growing up in a cave in Sicily.

A special birthday and anniversary bring them to four regions of England where they receive a most unusual award.

Can true love last after a decade of separation?

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