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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

The Inquisition and Other Stories

Michael Tabor

The Inquisition and Other Stories is the second collection of stories from the author of the multiple-award winning, The Lost Heifetz and Other Stories. This new anthology encompasses a diverse collection of thirteen tales involving characters from many different walks of life both past and present. Often employing meta-fictional and inter-textual devices, unreliable narrators, literary and artistic allusions, these eclectic stories explore the lives, emotions, and aspirations of their protagonists.Stories include a historical drama involving the great C17th painter Nicolas Poussin; a love story involving the C19th romantic poet John Keats; the introspections of an engineer recovering from a stroke; a mysterious group of diners enjoying the sumptuous tasting menu at an upscale restaurant; the correspondence between a refined young lady and her friend about some indecent letters from a mysterious admirer; and a playwright grappling with cancer while he writes a play about a victim of the Stalinist terror.

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