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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite


Ann Schaefer, Ryan Schaefer, John Schaefer and Tina Howell

It's Time to Become Forensic Animal Detectives!

Have you gone camping and discovered in the morning that you had a visitor while you were sleeping?

Have you gone out to the woods and seen a fleeting glimpse of a critter only to find it left a few signs of some of its activities?

After a fresh snow have you run into your backyard to discover you weren't the first one to make tracks?

Animals leave signs that can tell you if they are male or female, how they live and what they feed on. Their tracks can reveal if they were walking, feeding, pursuing prey, or evading predators. It's all in knowing what to look for, and Tracks is an interactive, fun-filled guide that will help you identify animal tracks and signs, and get a little glimpse into your local wildlife.

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